A Conditional Use Hearing for Select Properties regarding a proposed subdivision located at 1731 Old Bethlehem Pike

A Stipulation Agreement was Executed September 2013


Applicant Exhibits Description Township Exhibits Description Other Exhibits OTHER DOCUMENTS
Exhibit A1 Zoning Map from Twp. Comp Plan Exhibit T1 Army Corp of Engineers letter Re: Wetlands and Waters of the US   1731 Sketch Traffic Study
Exhibit A2 Future Use Map from Twp. Comp Plan      

1731 Traffic Reveiw Letter

Exhibit A3 Aerial Photo of Site       CU Traffic Study Submission
Exhibit A4 Existing Features Plan       CU Traffic Study Reveiw letter
Exhibit A5 CU Sketch Plan       Park and Recreation Committee Review Letter
Exhibit A6 CU Sketch Plan With Trails Highlighted       Planning Commission Letter
Exhibit A7 Aerial Context Plan       Old Bethlehem Pike Traffic Study
Exhibit A8 Dwelling Unit Photos        
Exhibit A9 Dwelling Unit Photos        
Exhibit A10 Park Trail Plan        
Exhibit A11 CU "By Right Plan" (Alternate Plan)        
Exhibit A12 Planner CV/Resume        
  Photograph of Site        
Exhibit A14 Resume/CV of Andreas Heinrich        
Exhibit A15 Traffic Impact Study (Dec. 2010)        
Exhibit A16 Letter From Heinrich dated 12/30/2010        
Exhibit A17 Letter from Horner & Canter dated 10/29/10        
Exhibit A18 Letter from Horner & Canter dated 2/15/2011        
Exhibit A19 Letter from Heinrich dated 3/24/2010        


A copy of the Legal Notice and the Township’s Zoning Ordinance are available for review on our website.   The Conditional Use Hearing is a formal procedure during which the Board of Supervisors will consider testimony and evidence to determine whether the use of the land – in this case single family and townhouse styled homes -- proposed by the applicant, is appropriate. The public is invited to attend the hearing.  The Conditional Use will be conducted like a court hearing with sworn witness testimony.  There will be a public comment period at the end of the hearing.  



Select Properties Conditional Use Application

The Board of Supervisors issued an Order graning approval of the Conditional Use Application of Select Properties, Inc., suject to thirty conditions of approval, each of which the Board deems a necessary and essential component of the approval.

A copy of the Adjudication and Order are posted below. Under 603(2) of the Municipalities Planning Code ('MPC'), 53 P.S. 10603(2), an appeal from the grant of a conditional use must be filed within thirty days of the grant.

Under following the outcome of an appeal, or if no appeal is filed, the next step for the applicant is to submit a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision/Land Development. The plan will be reviewed by both the Township Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors as well as the Bucks County Planning Commission. This process frequently takes in excess of six months and can be subject to multiple revised submissions. The Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance requires that adjoining property owners be sent notification by certified mail that s subdivision plan has been filed with the Township. No written notice of Planning Commission meetings is given, however the meetings are posted on the Township Calendar and the Regular meeting agendas are posted.


Bucks County Court of Common Pleas Decision February 2013, under mediation




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