Building Here

Whether you are building, buying, or expanding, the Building & Zoning Department is here to review plans and issue permits—keeping homes and businesses safe.

Contractors & Do-it-Yourselfers

Before you begin any interior or exterior renovations or structural additions, including fences, pools, hot tubs, sheds and roofs, please check with East Rockhill Township to determine what zoning and building permits you need.

Selling or Buying a Home?

Re-sale Use and Occupancy Permits are required. Code violations determined by the township Building Code Official will need to be corrected before East Rockhill Township will issue a Use & Occupancy Permit for a new owner.

Building Something Out of the Ordinary?

Lawful, non-conforming uses or structures must be registered by the township. Check the Zoning Map and contact the Building & Zoning Department to determine what permits you will need.

Landlords—Register Your Tenants

Landlords are required to register tenants with the township annually. Visit Forms & Applications for a Tenant Identification Form.

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