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Naturally Occurring Asbestos Testing

Rockhill Quarry

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) oversees extraction operations at the RockHill Quarry.  Concerns have been raised regarding naturally occurring asbestos in the rock formations and the below are the steps taken by DEP and testing results.  No blasting or extraction can occur until asbestos testing has taken place and results provided to DEP.  DEP oversees all Quarry operations and the Township oversees the use. 

December 7 2018 communication from DEP regarding a naturally occurring asbestos sample.  Any concerns or questions should be directed to DEP who oversee mining operations. 

Under their required sampling protocol, Hanson (the operator at the East Rockhill Quarry) is required to sample for asbestos when beginning work in new areas. On Wednesday, December 5, Hanson notified DEP of a positive analysis for fibrous asbestos, at which time DEP ordered all mining, rock crushing and sizing, and other related activities at the Quarry cease. DEP has requested a letter from the operator outlining the most recent sampling and positive asbestos analysis, what additional investigation(s) they are going to perform to address the recent positive asbestos test results and the potential for additional asbestos form minerals to be present at the site. A meeting between DEP and quarry is scheduled for next week. The mining, and rock crushing-sizing cessation will remain in effect until rescinded, in writing, by DEP. No material is thought to have left the site.