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Rockhill Quarry 2055 North Rockhill Road

East Rockhill Township has provided the following communications related to the Rockhill Quarry located at 2055 North Rockhill Road.

march 6, 2019:

Federal Court Decision:

January 24, 2018:

East Rockhill Township v. Pierson and Hanson trial will not be taking place on January 28, 2019.  The matter will likely be scheduled for some time in late February, but a date has not been scheduled. 

NOVEMBER 6, 2018:

For Immediate Release – Rockhill QuarryAfter discussions with the federal court judge and counsel for the quarry operator, the East Rockhill Township Board of Supervisors have notified the court and the quarry operator that proposals to settle the federal court case and pending Zoning Hearing Board matters have been rejected by the Township. The quarry operator has insisted on placing an asphalt plant at the quarry site, which is unacceptable to the Township and its residents. The federal court case will now proceed to a hearing and the Zoning Hearings will continue per the advertised legal notices with Hearing dates and locations posted to the Township website.


In December 2017 the Rock Hill Quarry proposed and/or started up its H12 quarry use at its property located at 2055 North Rockhill Road after 30 years of not maintaining an active/functioning quarry use on the property. Upon receipt of its 2018 zoning permit application, the Township denied the permit application and determined the applicant needed to comply with the current Zoning Ordinance which allows the Extraction Use (Quarry) by Special Exception. This requires a public hearing before and approval from the Zoning Hearing Board. The Zoning Hearing Board’s public hearings on this matter are on-going with the hearing dates published on the Township’s website. Concurrently with the application for the H12 quarry use, the applicant is seeking approval from the Zoning Hearing Board for an asphalt plant on the property as well.

At this time, the Township is in litigation relating to the applicant’s proposed H12 and asphalt plant use on the property. Therefore, the Township is limited on what it can discuss in public given the pending litigation. However, to minimize inaccurate information, the Township would like to educate residents on Pennsylvania law. Pennsylvania law requires all municipalities to zone for quarry/extraction uses, and an existing use cannot be arbitrarily removed and/or otherwise prohibited. The quarry property is located within the E-Extraction Zoning District which allows an Extractive Operation (Quarry) use by special exception. The Township does not intend to and cannot prohibit or prevent the quarry use on the property, so long as it complies with the applicable zoning requirements, which includes special exception approval from the Zoning Hearing Board.


If you would like to be added to the Rockhill Quarry blast notification list please call 215-257-9156 or email Staff@EastRockhillTownship.org. Provide your name, address, phone number and email and the request will be forwarded to the correct person.

February 5, 2018: 

The Township has received a Zoning Hearing Board application from Richard E. Pierson Materials Corporation appealing the Zoning Officer’s determination that Special Exception approval from the Zoning Hearing Board is required for the proposed use at the property located at 2055 North Rockhill Road.

January 22, 2018:

The Township received a Zoning Permit application for an extractive operations use at the quarry property located at 2055 North Rockhill Road and that application was denied for reasons based on the East Rockhill Township Zoning Ordinance, including but not limited to the failure to secure special exception approval from the Zoning Hearing Board. The extractive operations use is permitted on the quarry property by special exception.

December 27, 2017:

Rockhill Quarry, Rockhill Road will be resuming quarry operations very similar to the operations that were performed in the past and according to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Permit. Hanson Aggregates has maintained their DEP mining permit and East Rockhill Township Extraction use permit has been applied for through the years.  Questions and concerns regarding mining operations can be directed to the DEP Pottsville District Mining Office at 570-621-3118 who review the mining permit which encompasses activities such as blasting, air quality and well water.  At this time clean-up of the site, survey work and a traffic study is underway. A traffic route will be established by East Rockhill Township once the traffic study has been received.