2014 Fall Leaf Collection - Changes to the Program

In November, the East Rockhill Township Public Works Department begins to work through the Township to collect leaves along property road frontage. Unlike previous years, workers will not return later in the month for a second pass. Once leaves have been removed from a street, you won't get another chance. If you need to dispose of leaves after your street has been cleaned, please use the yard waste container behind the Township building.

We've also changed the order in which leaves will be collected by dividing the township into four sections. Please see this list to find out when the leaves will be collected on your street: Fall 2014 Schedule.

  1. Have leaves in neat piles along road frontage by 7:00am on the first day of collection for your section. Again, once leaves have been picked up on your street, do not place leaves out for a second collection; we won't return to a street once they have been collected.
  2. Do not include rocks, sticks, trash, grass or other material with your leaves. This does damage to the collection machine, causing downtime and expenses for repairs.
  3. Township employees and/or equipment are not permitted to enter private property to remove leaves; make sure they are on the road frontage.
  4. Collection of leaves is weather dependent; updates to the schedule will be posted on the Township website, if necessary.




rake and leaves



East Rockhill Township would like to remind parents that there is no Township designated date or time for Halloween activities, it is left to the parent's discretion and supervision. Please follow safety practices, i.e. bright and/or reflective costumes, avoid trick or Halloweentreating alone, and stay on the sidewalks when possible. Please be respectful of neighbors and complete Halloween activities at a reasonable time of night



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