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Drug abuse and addiction are somewhat unseen but growing problems in Bucks County and they are costly to families and the healthcare system. Drug take back efforts in Bucks County serve as a means to prevent abuse and addiction. The last event in Bucks collected 10,000 pounds of unused medication, the most of any county in the state and indeed one third the total amount collected in the state as a whole.

The rate of deaths from drug overdoses are rising faster than traffic deaths and the numbers are higher than those from HIV/AIDS and guns combined. Opioids are prescriptions drugs such as oxycodone and codeine and illicit heroin. Opioids affect a receptor in the brain which relieves pain and can lead to dependence and addiction. The present generation will remember this epidemic as older generations remembered the Polio epidemics and HIV/AIDS.

Part of the newly released Data Hub, the Bucks County Opioid Epidemic site gives the public an intense education about the effect this outbreak is having in Bucks County. Data has been collected from the District Attorney’s office and the Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. to show who this epidemic is affecting and how the County can help.

The site provides statistics on the overdose occurrences and deaths in the last year, as well as the characteristics of the people it is impacting. The statistics show that the epidemic is overwhelmingly affecting those in their 20s and 30s, and that 70 percent of the overdoses are males. Since 2010, over 107,000 pounds of medication has been collected in Bucks County, and police have saved close to 600 people from death by overdose.

Perhaps more importantly, the site includes interactive maps. Some map deaths and overdoses, but for those dealing with substance abuse disorders in their families, other maps show treatment centers, assessment providers and Naloxone pick up centers in Bucks County. This public site can be accessed here.

Opioid Statistics BC 2018

Opioid Interactive Map

Source Bucks County Planning Commission 

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